Italian boudoir model

Italian model

Italian model Miss LauraAnna Flap Flap

Yes, Miss LauraAnna is an Italian model. It's always about the model... And let's check what it is. Let the model talk now.

Born on August 28th. Virgo. My lucky number is 8. My ethnic background is: 70% Italian, 10% Austrian, 20% Elfic.
I'm a model, character, talent, aerialist and all that sh*t. I'm based in Milan, Italy. I travel quite often to Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course I travel everywhere you need me for a photo shoot.

Pandemia rules

During those Covid-19 days I require photographers and clients to be very careful while we work. We will use chirurgical masks all the time. I won't use it while posing of course. I will always have hands gel  among my make up. Social distancing is mandatory.


High 5'3 - less than 160 cm
Hair long and dark
Eyes two. Blue
Skin all over my body. Pale
Hands two. With 10 long nails. Sometimes 20
Feet 2. Perfect

Italian model

Working time and limits

Working time for Miss LauraAnna is full time. Yes the model is available to pose during week days, not only during weekends.
Limits: NO porn/adult/escort. All nude work is done at LauraAnna's discretion. I am the model and the body is mine, so please respect this.

Why booking Italian model LauraAnna

I'm passionate about my work with a strong work ethic. I'm reliable and above all else professional. I can do my own makeup, hair and style myself.
As you can easily understand, I am a pro, not a wannabe.
I always come to shooting locations with a little advance so you'll think you are late, but never mind, I'll bring you cookies so you'll feel immediately better.

Interested in working with me?

Let's turn this dream into reality. It's absolutely easy and it's just a click away from you. I'm available to model for professional photographers and for amatorial photographers. What I do need are just references, good ideas for a photo shoot, sample pictures you did. An online link where I can check your work (sample of is OK) is mandatory. One or more models' profile who have been happy to work with you is a plus. Model Mayhem links work for me.

I have a Model Mayhem profile too, you can check it out and leave your impressions there. After working together I will write you a reference there. Please do the same.

Who is the Italian model LauraAnna

Italian model, that's what I am. They call me Miss LauraAnna Flap Flap and I am so glad to welcome you in my virtual Home Sweet Home. Welcome. Have I already said welcome? Good. Please be aware that this website contains funny poses and sometimes nudity. In order to enter you must be me or at least ready to land in FlapVille, the reign of Miss Flap Flap, idol of autoironic erotism.
If you're looking for an Italian boudoir model to hire for a photoshoot, TV show or anything else you can call art, you're in the right place.If you're here just to enjoy beauty, you're welcome.

Model blogger and modeling guru

I am a blogger too. I've always written my adventures in the modeling field and in real life and I'm still doing that. I'm only writing my modeling blog in Italian only, but you can comment under the blog posts and ask to translate them in English. Or French, Spanish, German or whatever.
Do you know what a modeling guru is? That's me. Again. I'm everything and everywhere, Geez. I write interesting articles about do and don't for freelance models, smart guides and advices you'd better follow. If you're a wanna be model, you'd better read them all and learn something.

Summary of the website

In Miss LauraAnna's virtual Home Sweet Home you'll find everything you're looking for.

Photo shoots: thousands or maybe more professional images shot in more than 10 years of modeling career. Check out the galleries and choose your favourite photo shoots. There are shots from both Italian and foreign photographers.

Photo shoots
Photo shoots

VIP area for Flap Flap members is now open.'s staff has worked hard for the subscribers! Now you have tons of high quality pictures you can peep. Updated from time to time, you can buy just the ones you like and skip the others.

Area VIP
VIP area

Resume: if you're looking for a professional model to work with, this is the place to be. If you prefer to hire a non professional model, an Instagram starlette with no photographic poses experience except for those that look great in selfies, you're in the wrong place. Goodbye.


Booking the model is easy as fart: write a message and you'll get your answer from LauraAnna. Quickly.


Come fly with Aerial Silks performer Miss LauraAnna. Or you can just watch and admire while she performs. Maybe it's better. For your safety.

Aerial silks
Aerial silks

You can both read the site news or not, but if you do it, you'll be a part of Miss Flap Flap adventures in the marvelous modeling world. Italian only.


Are you interested in knowing where Flaps is? Check out her schedule and notes. She should be close to you!


Why don't you choose a present for Miss LauraAnna from her wish list? Spoil her and she'll be happy.

Wish list
Wish list

Dos and don'ts

I am an Italian model and I'm available for boudoir, glamour, erotic, nude, art nude, fine art, beauty photography. I'd love to experiment your photographic style, so don't be scared and drop me a line to show what you've got to offer! You can hire me now via email or mobile. What I have to offer is an outstanding 10+ years resume.

Info and help to work with an Italian model

D'you know what's up? Track where on Earth Miss LauraAnna is checking her Instagram profile, read the news, stay updated and learn something about modeling. Are you lost in FlapVille? Don't be mad, we're here to help.

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