Foto con tessuti aerei

Aerial Silks Photo Model

Aerial Silks Photo Model: that's what Miss LauraAnna is now

Aerial Silks Photo Model is a new definition for Italian boudoir model Miss LauraAnna.

LauraAnna has been practicing aerial silks for a while now and she is available to pose with and on aerial fabrics.

Non nude pictures are the best for this discipline, due to easiness to have marks and bruises on the skin - and LauraAnna's is very very sensitive.
Nude works as well, with a little bit more attention with poses and figures.

Aerial silks photo model
Sample of what we mean with "sensitive skin"

Have you ever shoot with an aerialist?

If the answer is NO, here's your chance!
If the answer is YES, let's do it again!

Whatever your answer is, you might like to drop Miss LauraAnna Flap Flap a line and discuss a photo shoot with her involving aerial silks.
Or not involving the fabrics.
Indoor or outdoor. Or both.

Aerial silks photo model: samples pictures

Live performances on aerial silks

Miss LauraAnna has done it before. She can do it again. Go ahead and hire her!

Miss LauraAnna loves training on aerial fabrics.
And she loves posing too.
So we are set.

Accidents happen. On aerial silks too

What you see above in this page is the history in pictures of an aerial silks accident Miss Flap Flap had a while ago.

She hurt her leg pretty badly.
Bruised it while training on fabric.

But now she is fine.
Almost no scar, yay!
Thanks to aloe and medications.

You can check the story on her Instagram profile and enjoy the pictures she took almost every day.
If you're not too sensitive. We don't want to hurt your soul.

But, as we said, Miss LauraAnna's fine now.
And ready to pose for your aerial silks photos.

LauraAnna has her own aerial fabric. What we need is a safe place to hang it.
Any idea? Let's talk about it.

Watch and enjoy dome aerial silks training videos

We have a few videos too, check 'em out!

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