English speaking model


English speaking model in the North of Italy

Italian and English speaking model Miss LauraAnna is available to work with you on your photographic project or artistic idea.

Are you a professional or amateur photographer? A painter, an illustrator, a sculptor, a bodypainter, a director or an artist? If your answer is yes, are you looking for an English speaking model? You're lucky!

Miss LauraAnna speaks Italian, English and a little bit of Spanish, so working together will be extremely easy. Book the model now! If you speak any other language, you can use gesture. LauraAnna did a brillian work with a Chinese-only speaking photographer and staff for a Chinese Magazine, so you're welcome!

Availability of the Italian model

Due to the pandemic, Miss LauraAnna has stopped modeling for a while, working only through her OnlyFans profile. Now she's once again available to model in person as the world's situation improves.

LauraAnna has a valid Covid-19 Green Pass, so she's able to travel almost everywhere. If you're interested in booking the boudoir model please notice that all the staff will have to follow safety rules and social distancing.

Meet and greet

Now that is possible to travel again, LauraAnna has dates and places to be. In the meantime you can book her for a photo shoot in Italy or abroad. If it's not possible to talk about dates yet, you can leave it blank and start discussing the details of the shoot.

Fall and Winter 2021 are mostly about North of Italy, Lombardy. If you're in the area, feel free to drop a line to the model. If you're somewhere in Italy, Center and South are OK too, please let her know. You can work out something to shoot together.

LauraAnna has already been booked for (Fall 2021):

  • Oct 3rd;
  • Oct 25th;
  • Nov 22nd - 27th.

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