Italian boudoir model

The model

Miss LauraAnna Flap Flap, Italian model

Yes, I'm an Italian model. It's always about the model... And let's check what it is.
Born on August 28th - Virgo.
My lucky number is 8.

My ethnic background is:
  • 70% Italian
  • 10% Austrian
  • 20% Elfic


I'm a model, character, talent, aerialist and all that sh*t.

I'm based in:
I travel quite often to:
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • everywhere you need me for a photoshoot
high 5'3 - less than 160 cm
hair long and dark
eyes two. blue
skin all over my body. pale.
hands two. with 10 long nails. sometimes 20.
feet 2. perfect.
working time full time
Limits NO porn/adult/escort. All nude work is done at my discretion.
I am the model and the body is mine, so please respect this.
I'm passionate about my work with a strong work ethic.
I'm reliable and above all else professional.
I can do my own makeup, hair and style myself.
As you can easily understand, I am a pro, not a wannabe.
I always come to shooting locations with a little advance so you'll think you are late, but never mind, I'll bring you cookies so you'll feel immediately better.

Interested in working with me?

Let's turn this dream into reality. It's absolutely easy and it's just a click away from you.

I'm available to model for professional photographers and for amatorial photographers.

What I do need are just references, good ideas for a photo shoot, sample pictures you did.
An online link where I can check your work (sample of is ok) is mandatory.
One or more models' profile who have been happy to work with you is a plus.
Model Mayhem links work for me.

I have a Model Mayhem profile too, you can check it out and leave your impressions there. It's not really updated, so please feel free to write me a private message there or an email here.

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