Actual look

Current look

Current look of Miss LauraAnna

Current look of Miss LauraAnna is the natural look you see in this page and in those pictures and videos.

Actual look

(Picture by Giovanna Bullo)

LauraAnna's SUmmer 2021 selfies



These pictures are not retouched

(pictures by Dima)

First of all, how a model looks like is an essential information to know about her.

If you want to shoot with a model it's good to check her entire through-the-years portfolio to see what she has done and what she can do. But how does she look like today?

How is:

  • her hair?
  • her skin?
  • the body?

If you don't want to have any surprise the day of the photo shoot, ask a model to send you super recent pictures. Polaroids works as well. Not retouched photos are perfect. Selfies with no filters are mandatory.
Pros of not retouched pictures: you can check how the model really looks like today.
LauraAnna has long curly dark hair, nostril piercing, white soft skin.

Most noteworthy she has a toddler now, but she still has a tonic body due to aerial silks training. Certainly not as skinny as it used to be. But she is a pro and she knows how to keep in shape. LauraAnna remembers how to strike a pose and how to use light as her best friend to sculpt the body.

(Watch the clip on Vine for free)

Don't be afraid to ask

Feel free to write Miss LauraAnna a message to ask her her stats.
She's only 160 cm tall, hence she's a petite. Also, as you can see in her portfolio and read in her resume, she's done a lot of modeling works and she's done them very well.

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