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Contact Miss LauraAnna

Contact the girl: write a message to contact Miss LauraAnna, your favorite boudoir and glamour model


To contact Miss LauraAnna fill in the form below. She’ll come back to you ASAP.
Personally, but not in person.
Yes, she’s personally reading all the messages and write answers to photographers, artists, models, fans, lovers and haters.

If you need to send LauraAnna an attachment you can use her email address:

  • missflapflap[AT]gmail[DOT]com for a quick answer
  • lauramodel[AT]lauraanna[DOT]com for haters

Mobile chat – just dowload the app and look for the model, you don’t need her phone number:

  • find Miss Flap Flap on Telegram, just look for MissLauraAnna typing her name with no blanks between Miss Laura Anna and that’s it
Contatto contact

Contact form: fill in the blanks and try to answer some easy questions

Letters and gifts

LauraAnna loves receiving gifts, hand written notes, and cards from you.
If you want to send Miss Flap Flap a present please drop her a line and she’ll give you the right mailing address depending on where she is located.
She’s spending most of her time in Milan, Italy, now and some time in California, USA.

Why a message to Miss LauraAnna?

By writing a message to your favorite Italian model you can keep in touch with her and her world, you can hire her for a photo shoot or an artistic project and you can check if she’s still alive.

Are you planning a photo shoot and you need a pro to wear your client’s stuff? Hire LauraAnna.

Are you collecting submissions for a fine art workshop? LauraAnna is one of the best as a model for photography workshop. Drop her a line.

Have you always wanted to meet Miss Flap Flap? By writing her a message you can have your chance at a public event or before/after a gig.

Do you want to send LauraAnna a gift? Lace lingerie, accessories or a book? If you know how to buy gift cards, you know what to do. Or buy what you want and the write Miss LauraAnna to ask her where to send the present.

Contact your fav model for a private photo shoots, a photography workshop, to create art or just because you’re a good fan. This page has been create for this, so don’t be shy.

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