Arual The Elf

Arual The Elf

Arual The Elf: have you met her?

Arual the Elf is a new original character by Miss LauraAnna. Don't miss the chance to spend some quality time with this lovely, funny and cute character! In the past you may have seen Arual's Calendar. There may be another one in the future. Interested? Write a message to LauraAnna for info.

Wait, there's more!

We have customized a lot of stuff with this adorable character. Would you like to buy something? There's a regular shop for this, so you can choose your favorite ones!
Curious? Visit the e-shop.

"Arual the Elf" is based on an original idea by Miss LauraAnna, Francesco Di Maio and Aurora Gritti. You're not allowed to use Arual's image on any item or internet page unless we give you the permission. And don't forget to always link to when you write about her or her character Arual. That would be really appreciated.

How to hire Arual for an event

You can have the real Arual at your party or you can hire the Elf for a photo shoot or a video shoot. It's very eassy. It's like hiring LauraAnna, but with a specific character. Don't forget that the model has worked several times as an actress too, so she's very prepared to act as an Elf. She can provide her Arual's costume and more elfic themed costumes if needed.

Arual The Elf is alive and live

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