LauraAnna, beauty & glamour model.  But what is Glamour Modeling?

The first real step towards Glamour as we know it now began in 1953 with Playboy when it featured Marilyn Monroe on the front cover and nude photos of her inside.  After Playboy was popularized, many magazines followed and this opened the door to Glamour Models and photographers.

Glamour is not Porn!!  So, what is Glamour then?

Glamour is anything from lingerie to nude, but is more focused on the sensuality and sexiness of the model.  Glamour models have very different looks.  As a Glamour Model the emphasis is on you rather than anything you may or not be wearing.  It's all about being sexy, alluring and the eyes.  You can change the look, anything you may or not be wearing.  It's all about being sexy, alluring and the eyes.  You can change the look of a photo with just your eyes, making the person believe/imagine that you want them.

Can anyone become a Glamour Model?

It would be wrong for me to say that everyone can be a Glamour Model.  There are less restrictions on a Glamour Model i.e. no height restrictions, age or size, but you do have to have a toned body as you can't really hide anything, but that does not mean that you have to be a size 6 or have huge breasts.  It's all about toned bodies with a strong mental attitude as people will criticize you and your body and you have to learn not to take it personally.  You have to be able to put up with the unglamourous side, the cold shoots on location, long hours waiting, casting calls, other people attitudes and so on and despite all you have to keep laughing and smiling.  To have a chance in reaching the point where this can be your career it is all about your personality and professionalism.  To coin a phrase I once heard, successful Glamour Modeling is not about how much they see, but how much they think they're going to see.
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